Mailing a Package?What you need to know!


It is illegal and extremely dangerous to mail restricted or prohibited hazardous materials. Trinidad and Tobago Law declares it a crime to post:

  • Money
  • Jewelry
  • Perishable foodstuff
  • Explosives – e.g. ammunition, fireworks, igniters, fuses, flares, caps for toy firearms
  • Poisons, including drugs and medicine – except when packed and transmitted in the prescribed manner
  • Flammable liquids – e.g. gasoline, alcohol, flammable paint, varnish removers and thinners
  • Flammable solids – e.g. matches, cellulose nitrate products, zinc powder, metallic magnesium
  • Radio-active material
  • Oxidising materials – e.g. hair or textile dyes, fiberglass repair kits, bleaching powders, disinfectants
  • Compressed gas – flammable and non-flammable – e.g. aerosol products, butane, fire extinguishers
  • Corrosives – e.g. cleaning liquid, rust remover, corrosive paint or varnish removers,
  • Material which has anaesthetic, noxious, toxic or other characteristics which can cause discomfort in the event of leakage
  • Living creatures other that bees, leeches and harmless entomological specimens packed correctly
Preparation Requirements

Items sent through the mail must be packed by the sender in a way that prevents their deterioration or degradation. For parcels to be accepted for mailing, they must be prepared according to international guidelines. Mailers can contact the nearest TTPost Retail Shop for a review of their packaging to ensure they meet the following requirements: –

Health and

Mailers should take appropriate precautions when packaging a parcel to ensure that it will not injure any person or equipment handling or opening the parcel. Because a small child might gain unauthorized access to a parcel, every potentially harmful item should be enclosed in a container that is hard for a child to open. Fragile items must be packed to withstand mail processing and transportation. Heavy items must be braced and cushioned to prevent damage to other mail.


Stationery items that are thicker than 1 inch or heavier than 1 pound may not be mailed in letter-style envelopes. These items must be unitized by tying or banding them or by partitioning tight containers to prevent shifting.


Liquids can damage or destroy other mail and mail processing equipment. Liquids will not be accepted in glass containers or in containers with friction-top closures (push-down type), screw-on caps, soldered tops or clips. Liquids must be placed and packed inside sealed, plastic, leak-proof containers.

High-Density Loads

High-density loads that weigh between 15 and 35 pounds must be packaged so that they do not exert more than 60 pounds of pressure per square foot (0.4167 pound per square inch) on the smallest side of the mailing container.

TTPost will not be held responsible for the deterioration, degradation or destruction of any item that is not packaged according to these guidelines.

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