Express Mail ServiceExpress Mail Service (EMS) is an international priority mail service for documents and merchandise and it is provided by Postal Agencies in 200+ countries and territories worldwide. The service has many convenient features and can be accessed from you local post office. Because of the international postal network's vast reach and sheer numbers of post offices, the EMS network has the most customer access points in the world and provides the largest global last-mile coverage.

Main features
of EMS

  • Acceptance at any post office
    EMS packages are accepted at any post office location throughout the TTPost network.
  • Competitive Rates
    EMS special rates offer the most cost-effective method of express mailing for documents or parcels internationally. Documents and articles can also be sent together, adding more convenience for customers.
  • Priority handling from acceptance to delivery in the destination country or territory
    EMS packages receive priority collection and delivery services throughout the world.
  • End-to-end tracking
    TTPost can track each and every Express Mail package from point of origin to receiving country.
  • Signature on delivery
    The delivery of EMS packages features a Proof-of-Delivery via the receipt of a signature at the point of delivery. This feature is used for accountability, to ensure the delivery process has been completed.
  • Delivery-to-Door Service
    EMS packages can be delivered directly to the addressee’s premises or can be collected at any postal operators’ locations around the world.
  • Free Packaging Material
    TTPost has over 34 locations nationwide, all providing special EMS packaging material and friendly staff to assist in completing all the necessary documentation.
  • Largest Delivery Network Worldwide
    EMS postal operators have the largest last mile coverage worldwide, supported by the vast postal delivery network. For more information please contact TTPost or visit one of our post offices throughout Trinidad and Tobago.

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