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Why use Hummingbird Express Online Shopping Service?

Hummingbird Express Online Shopping Service allows you to enjoy:

  • A personalized delivery address in Miami, Florida
  • Fast delivery times from daily flights
  • consolidate multiple purchases as well as repackaging services
  • Online payment option to facilitate direct delivery to any selected location
  • Direct delivery or in-store pickup options
  • Comprehensive tracking capability with email and message alerts
  • Exceptional customer service support
  • Low rates


Enjoy our low rates staring at US$5.50 for the first pound and US$2.50 for every additional pound.

How do I register for free?

Registration can be done both online at or at any TTPost Post shop

For online customers 

  • Register here or send an email to with your contact information. A Customer Service Representative will contact you and an email will be sent to you within 24 hours with your Miami address and account #

For walk-in customers

  • Visit any TTPost corporate shop
  • Complete the form and submit to the retail counter staff along with a copy of your ID
  • A Customer Service Representative will contact you and an email will be sent to you within 24 hours with your Miami address and account #

Is there a membership renewal fee?

There is no annual fee. OSS offers a free membership to all of its valued customers.

How many accounts can I have?

You can only have one account. However, you are allowed one secondary account holder i.e. two persons to one account. There are no additional charges to having a secondary account holder.

Can I make changes to my account?

Customers have access to change passwords only. However, other changes can be made by sending the necessary information to from the email address registered on the account.

How do I start shopping?

After you have registered and received your OSS Miami address, you can start shopping from your favorite online websites.  Upon checkout enter your name, TTP account # assigned to you along with the Miami address.  If you are asked for your phone contact, kindly use your phone number since this is in the event there are issues with your shipment that may require your attention. Remember to use your OSS Miami account number and address as the delivery address; for example:

Ship To’ Address Format:

Name [Enter your name exactly as it was registered]

Address Line 1 [Enter our address: 7950 NW 77th Street, Suite 4]

Address Line 2 [Enter # and your account #]

City, State, Zip Code [Miami, Fl. 33195-2133]

Tel #: (305) 863-1818

‘Ship To’ Address Example:

Mary Smith

7950 NW 77th Street, Suite 4


Miami, Fl. 3395-2133

How does the service work?

  • After shopping online your package is sent to your Miami warehouse address. An email is then sent to you informing that your package has been received (please check junk mail also just in case). This email will inform you of your :-
  1. Tracking Information
  2. Weight and Dimension of your package
  3. Date the package was received
  • At this point we can consolidate your package if more than one (1) package is expected for future shipping. After receiving the invoice for your package, it must be uploaded to us so that we can pre-alert (expect to receive) it.
  • Your package is processed and then forwarded to Trinidad the next working day.
  • At this time, a parcel notification will be sent to you informing on your shipping charges.
  • You have an option of us delivering your package to your preferred address or collecting your package at any TTPost corporate shop.

Location Delivery Exception

  • Due to the potential risks associated with high-risk areas, we are unable to deliver in these areas.  We ask that customers in these areas, contact us for alternative delivery arrangements.

How do I pay for my packages?

  • Payments can be made either online at or at your TTPost pick-up location.

What method of payments does OSS accept?

  • OSS accepts payments in cash, debit or credit card or banker’s cheque.
  • We do not accept personal cheques

Are there any restricted items?

  • Some items are considered prohibited or hazardous materials and require special handling or carry some shipping restrictions, either by the FAA, US Customs or Trinidad and Tobago Customs.Some common commodities that are classified as hazardous are:
    • Flammable items: perfume, body splashes with alcohol, fire lighters, matches, moth balls, fuel, mineral turpentine, kerosene, enamel paints, nail polish, most varnishes, some dry-cleaning fluids, some resin, alcohol, fuel and nail polish remover
    • Toxic: aerosols (hair spray, fly sprays, room fresheners, aerosol deodorants and some oven cleaners), some magnets, shock absorbers with compressed air, fireworks, flares, ammunition, Freon (for air conditioners), chlorine (for commercial swimming pools), ammonia and some pesticides
    • Oxidizers: Pool Chlorine, some home bleaches, some fertilizers
    • Corrosives: car and truck batteries, some industrial cleaners
    • We do not ship illegal drugs, weapons, live animals, organs or infectious substances.

How do I track my package?

  • Once your package has arrived at your Miami address, you will be notified.You will be able to see where your package is at.That is:
    • Processing at the Miami Warehouse
    • In transit
    • Arrived in Trinidad and Tobago (T&T)
    • Processing at T&T hub
    • Out for delivery

Convenient Pickup Locations

  • Arima #17 Prince Street, Arima
  • Bon Accord Milford Court, Milford Road Bon Accord Tobago
  • Chaguanas Cor. Eleanor Street & Southern Main Road, Chaguanas
  • La Romaine #2 Lucky Street, La Romaine
  • National Mail Centre #240- 250 Golden Grove Road Piarco
  • San Juan #5 Eastern Main Road San Juan
  • Scarborough Teal Building, Milford Road, Scarborough Tobago
  • Siparia Clico Building, #1 Oropouche Road Siparia
  • Ann’s #29 St. Ann’s Main Road, St. Ann’s
  • St James #61-63 Western Main Road, St James
  • Vincent #22-24 St. Vincent Street, Port of Spain
  • Tragarete Road #177 Tragarete Road, Port of Spain
  • Tunapuna Eastern Main Road, Tunapuna

We are here to serve you better

For more information feel free to contact our

HUMMEX Customer Representatives at

669-5361/9 Ext. 522, 523, 524, 525 and 291 or

Email us at

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