Online Customer Registration Success

Thank you for choosing Hummingbird Express Online Shopping Service (Hummex OSS)

You will receive an email from Kardel Enterprises Inc. dba PakYa within a 24hr period. It is a possibility that it may have gone to your Junk Mail folder, so check there just in case. This email will provide your USER NAME and PASSWORD for accessing your new Hummingbird Express Online Shopping Service account; nicknamed Hummex OSS. We do hope that you continue using us and take advantage of our low rates and enhanced service. Hummex OSS now offers its customers the following:

  • Low introductory rates –
  • Daily flights – Monday through Friday
  • Low insurance fee of USD 1.00 per USD 100.00 (item value)
  • The ability to consolidate shipments in Miami for up to three months. The introductory rate is a flat USD 10.00 per consolidated shipment.
  • Limited time offer for free Optional local direct delivery
  • Local online payment of your charges; this facilitates delivery to anywhere within Trinidad & Tobago and can be used to send presents
  • 14 pickup locations nationwide

If you have any concerns or questions please do not hesitate to contact us at

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