Account Executive ProfilesTTPost Account Executives service all industry sectors, providing effective solutions to our customers at the best possible price. Please contact one of our Account Executives to learn more about our Direct Marketing, Courier and other mail related products and services. Assignment of Sectors to Account Executives:

 Kimlyn Siu – 719-0383  Natalie Rocke – 724-4625  
Telecommunications (Digicel) Telecommunications (TSTT) Government
WASA Finance- Banks, Credit Unions Oil & Gas
Advertising Agencies Trust Companies Medical
Business consultancies Mortgage Companies Shipping/Brokerages
Food & Beverage Stocks & Securities Pharmaceutical
Automotives Insurance Legal
Manufacturing Travel and Tourism T&Tec
Retail Information Technology UWI
Wholesalers – Distributors Real Estate Government Business
Tertiary Education Communications Flow, Green Dot
Media Lisa Communications, Direct Tv
UTT Infolink

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